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The project work and activities of the Cancer Network are many and varied. However, they are all focussed on achievement of the goals in the Independent Cancer Taskforce report 'Achieving World-Class Cancer Outcomes' and are broken down into the following work streams.


Prevention, Awareness and Early Detection of Cancer

The SCN Cancer Network aims to reduce premature mortality and morbidity by increasing awareness of signs and symptoms and the early detection of cancer. Evidence indicates that delay in diagnosis leads to an increased risk that the patient will experience poorer health outcomes, reduced quality of life and premature mortality. The cost to the health and social care economies is likely to be greater when diagnosis is delayed.

Cancer Treatment

The SCN Cancer Network aims to support the provision of equitable and prompt access to high quality cancer treatment that ensures the best outcomes possible for patients. This work contributes directly towards improved outcomes and recovery and a reduction in mortality, leading to an increased quality of life for people with a cancer diagnosis.

Living with & Beyond Cancer

The SCN Cancer Network is conscious that the number of people living with and beyond cancer has increased significantly over the last 15 years with the development of new treatment techniques and options. We now need to be providing services for patients that fully support them and that are tailored to the specific needs of each individual. The Cancer Network team are delivering a number of projects which will improve the experience of patients living with and beyond cancer.

Patient Involvement in Cancer Services

The SCN Cancer Network places the views of patients and carers at the heart of its work and ensures they are represented through a number of channels. These include our Patients, Carers and Public (PCP) Engagement Advisory Group, Patient Partnership Groups (PPGs), ensuring patient involvement in our steering groups and designating a team member to lead on patient involvement. Our PCP Engagement Strategy gives further details on how we are involving and consulting our patients, carers and members of the public on a range of issues.

Cross-cutting Cancer Support Work

The SCN Cancer Network are involved in a number of cross-cutting initiatives which cover a range of stakeholders or geographical areas (or both) as well as delivering projects focussed on specific topics or geographical areas.

Working in Partnership

Organisations we Partner

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