Who we are

The purpose of the Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Strategic Clinical Network is to enable a network of CVD stakeholders (people who are both interested in and/or have an influence over CVD care) to identify and share good practice across complex professional, geographical & organisational boundaries to support equity of access to high quality, evidenced CVD care.

The network covers Cardiac, Stroke, and Diabetes services with each work stream led by a senior clinician and supported by the strategic network team. The work of the network is overseen by the CVD Steering Group which will be made up of commissioners, service providers, patients and carers, public health and other improvement bodies.


What we do

The clinical leads and Strategic Network Team are responsible for delivering against the following objectives:

  • Developing a strong, cohesive strategic clinical network team
  • Identifying and enabling a truly engaged and empowered stakeholder group
  • Reducing variation in CVD care across Greater Manchester
  • Enabling and empowering the clinical, patient and carer voice in designing & developing service redesign and reform
  • Identifying and supporting the implementation of best practice, quality improvement pathways
  • CVD Strategic Clinical Network respected for expertise, skills & clinical advice
  • Work with partners to reduce mortality
  • Integrated services delivered in the right place at the right time


CVD Team objectives


How we do it

The CVD Strategic Clinical Network has two main principles of working. The first is around networking and partnership working which provides a forum to enable our stakeholders to identify, inform and influence the work programme of the network. Our stakeholders vary from the National Clinical Directors for Stroke, Cardiac, Obesity & Diabetes through to local commissioners and providers as well as patients and carers.

Secondly the network's work programme is structured around effective programme and project management ways of working. As such, we have a comprehensive work programme that is structured around the input from our stakeholders with a focus on benefits, delivery and structured engagement.

The views of patients and carers are especially important and are represented through number of channels: Our Patients, Carers and Public (PCP) Engagement Advisory Group, PCP Network and by being involved in our Steering Groups. Please refer to our PCP Engagement Strategy for further details on how we involving and consulting our patients, carers and members of the public.