The MCYP Network does not limit itself to leading on projects.  We support partners and stakeholders in delivery of their own work to improve services for women, children and young people, families and carers.  These partners include patient groups and third sector organisations as well as primary, secondary and tertiary care providers.  We are uniquely placed to facilitate communication and joint working to help our partners deliver on a diverse array of project work.

Projects we are helping other organisations complete:

Child Health Needs in Greater Manchester, Lancashire & South Cumbria

Child Health needs in Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cumbria

This report has been produced by ChiMat for the Greater Manchester, Lancashire and South Cumbria Strategic Clinical Network to provide a summary of key indicators of the health of children and young people.

Data has been captured from a number of published sources including the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) Fingertips tool and resources from the Child and Maternal Health Intelligence Network (ChiMat), both of which are managed by Public Health England (PHE).

Whilst the report was produced for the whole SCN footprint specific data can also be extracted for individual localities and provides a good insight into the health needs of children and young people across our network. The report also contains an additional section that utilises available data to focus 'Long term conditions – Asthma, Diabetes and Epilepsy.'