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In response to the Prime Ministers challenge and the National Dementia strategy, our priorities have been focused on working with clinical networks and partner organisations across greater Manchester, Lancashire and South Cumbria to support these areas of national priority and these are clearly reflected on our Dementia work programme. One of our main ambitions have been to work with localities to increase diagnosis rates up to 67% (National ambition), stretch targets beyond the national ambition and support them in closing the Dementia diagnosis gap. Positively, none of the localities across the footprint have been noted on the recently initiated National Dementia risk register since December 2015. We are also working to enhance the provision of network wide post diagnostic support and continually striving to enhance positive experiences and improve quality of life for people living with dementia, their carers and families (NHS outcome Frameworks 2014/15).

We have achieved this through clinical leadership, engagement with Dementia clinical leads on matters of national priority through a series of meetings as well as with localities through our Dementia steering group.