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The project work and activities of the Mental Health Network are many and varied. However, they are all focussed on achievement of the goals in the Mental Health Taskforce report 'The Five Year Forward View for Mental Health'and are broken down into the following work streams

Early intervention for people experiencing a first episode of psychosis

The SCN Mental Health Network aims to improve access to early intervention for people experiencing a first episode of psychosis. As of 1st April 2016 people experiencing a first episode of psychosis should have access to a NICE-approved care package within 2 weeks of referral. Delay in providing care can lead to poorer clinical and social outcomes. The NHS should ensure that by April 2016 more than 50 per cent of this group have access to Early Intervention in Psychosis services, rising to at least 60 per cent by 2020/21.

Psychological therapies for depression and anxiety disorders

 The SCN Mental Health Network are working to improve access to psychological therapies. There is variation across GMLSC footprint, but the SCN are working with CCGs and Providers to improve these rates.

Crisis Care Concordat

 The SCN Mental Health Network has been supporting the Devolution Team and is a member of the GM Devolution Strategic Partnership Board. The Board delivered a draft mental health strategy and part of that strategy includes taking forward crisis care concordat and working with CCGs and providers to support this work going forward, including holding consultations with the third party voluntary sector.

Liaison Mental Health

Liaison Mental Health is the medical specialty focused on the care of people presenting with both mental and physical health concerns, an interface between general medicine and psychiatry usually taking place in a hospital or medical setting.

The Liaison Mental Health projects that have initiated under the Strategic Clinical Network to deliver the mental health agenda of parity of esteem include development of a Liaison Psychiatry Advisory Group, developing community Faith Champions and a new Learners Awards 'Valuing patient, carer and public engagement'.

Parity of Esteem

The SCN Mental Health network are supporting NHS England to establish a Parity of Esteem Programme. The SCN are focussed on effort and resources on improving clinical services and health outcomes to valuie mental health equally with physical health or "Parity of Esteem"

Working in Partnership

Organisations we Partner with

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